The most important thing here at Rent My Rink is to create an experience for those looking to buy and sell ice time that is fast, simple, and easy to manage. Customer satisfaction of both buyers and sellers is our number one concern. Here are some testimonials from our happy clients about the launch of and the old problems associated with buying and selling ice times:

“Love the site and the tryout calendar!  I have passed it along already to hockey families on my email list.  Looks and functions very nice.”  Craig Chismar

“I have been using the site for a while now and we have been receiving more and more calls for ice. This site as helped us sell ice that normally never sells. I would highly recommend using to anyone in the ice industry looking to sell or buy ice.” -Dennis C Anderson – General Manager, Lincoln Park Community Center

“We need ice for practice this week.  If we knew about every available ice time within 20 miles of here, we could spend a lot more time with the kids and focus on more important things than locating ice. We also get handcuffed with prepurchased ice and it’s costly.  For example, last month we had two tournaments.  Consequently, we ate three sheets that cost our team about $750.  I just don’t have the contacts or the time to sell it.” – John T.

“Most of our ice is sold to the Association.  However, if we could just sell a few more sheets/month, it would help me meet our sales goal for the year.” – Mike B.

“It’s difficult to see your hard earned money be wasted on a sheet of ice that is never used. Even harder when you know that some team out there is buying ice that you want to sell” -Mark K.

“I would love to see the hockey community come together and communicate how best to utilize unneeded ice time.” Rob B.

“It’s something every hockey team struggles with (having to get rid of ice). There has just never been as easy solution except to eat the cost.” – Monica K. University of Michigan Women’s Hockey


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