It’s all about getting kids on the ice. Our motto is “Ice Times Made Easy!”

A 2014 hockey study found that it is not easy to buy or sell excess ice time.  Most people said they need a better way to buy and sell ice time.  A Compuware AAA coach said, “We need ice for practice this week.  If we knew about every available ice time within 20 miles of here, we could spend a lot more time with the kids and focus on more important things than locating ice.”  He added, “We also get handcuffed with prepurchased ice and it’s costly.  For example, last month we had two tournaments.  Consequently, we ate three sheets that cost our team about $750.  I just don’t have the contacts or the time to sell it.”  An ice arena manager said, “Most of our ice is sold to the Association.  However, if we could just sell a few more sheets/month, it would help me meet our sales goal for the year.”  The study revealed that people really want a better way to buy & sell excess ice times. So, a new way was developed to help connect buyers and sellers.  It’s called “Rent My Rink” and the motto is “Ice Times Made Easy!” is a central website where ice arenas, associations and teams advertise their excess ice time for sale. The website allows buyers to search the multi-arena database for ice time.  The website provides search and listing tools to help people solve their problem and develop mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

Are you looking for an easy way to buy ice time? A way that saves time, energy and the hassle of making phone calls. Now, you can search the multi-arena inventory for excess ice times.  Once you locate a desired ice time, click on seller’s name.  Their contact information appears and you can contact the seller directly for the purchase. Whether you are trying to find ice time for a hockey team, figure skating, open skating, drop in hockey, skills training or sticks & pucks you are quickly connected to the sellers.  The search is FREE, so search now for “Ice Times Made Easy!”

Are you looking for an easy way to help sell your excess ice time? A way that advertises your ice to buyers, generates new relationships, sends instant notifications and works 24/7 to sell your ice.  Rent My Rink is where ice arenas, teams and associations list their ice for sale.  Other activities, such as open skating, tryouts, figure skating, drop in hockey, skills training and sticks & pucks are listed too. If you are in an ice contract program and you want to sell excess ice, you can list your ice for sale today!  Coaches, team managers, skaters and skills trainers are trying to find ice now.  List your excess ice time for sale and start selling it now!

In 2015, Detroit based test launched in Michigan.  Since 2015, over 26,000 users have viewed over 101,797 page views; the results clearly speak for themselves. For example, Dennis C Anderson – General Manager, Lincoln Park Community Center said, “I have been using the site for a while now and we have been receiving more and more calls for ice. This site as helped us sell ice that normally never sells. I would highly recommend using to anyone in the ice industry looking to sell or buy ice.” In 2017, Rent My Rink has expanded globally.  In addition to the buy and sell excess ice time focus, you can access a central area to find hockey tryouts, tournaments, training partners, etc.  Hopefully, this service will prove to be a better way to buy and sell excess ice time and it will assist your effort in making mutually beneficial, long-term relationships in hockey and figure skating.  If you have suggestions on how to make your experience better and the website more helpful, please email your suggestions.

Thank you – Your Rent My Rink Team and J. Kevin Telepo – President

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